Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics

Let our equipment talk to your car!

We have a range of three different diagnostics to meet all needs. Two of which will cover more than 95% of the UK market, from old to new – from the earliest fuel injected cars to the very latest.

We have the equipment to diagnose far more than dashboard warning lights, we can access engines, transmissions, abs traction control and much more.

Our third suite of diagnostics is to cater for the VW group of vehicles, this is VCDS, more commonly known as VAG-com. We can access all modules connected to any VW group vehicle, allowing quick and accurate diagnostics on all VAG (VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat) cars.

We are also Volvo aficionados and possess the knowledge and equipment, including being able to access pre 1999 (pre OBD2).

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