New Tyre Fitting

We have a state of the art tyre fitting machine, designed to fit tyres to alloys without causing damage!

We can fit tyres on wheels up to 22″ including run-flats or extra low profile. Your tyres are your suspension and your brakes, you can have a perfect vehicle but it is your tyres that connect you with the road.

The difference in tyre quality from budget to premium is immense and more importantly you can access independent testing that demonstrates the braking distance differences.

Emergency braking from 70mph show that once a premium tyre has stopped the car, an identical vehicle travelling on budget tyres will still be doing 31mph and take a further 14 metres to stop! If a pedestrian had walked been in your path at that point you will leave them with a 27% chance of survival! Shocking but factual data.

The critical point here is allowing more on your tyre spend benefits you not us. It can at the very least saves an insurance excess; but maybe a life.

Also in reference to informed choices and wise buying a budget tyre is made up of around 40 compounds, a premium tyre in the region of 200.

So they are better made, last longer and a superior product. There are a whole host of benefits – noise level, road holding, economy, longevity… the list goes on, in a study of pounds per mile there isn’t much in it.

You’ll be pleased to know have several tyre source options, from the UK (same/next day) to Europe (3-5 days) but this allows us to benefit from large corporations economies of scale and drive down the cost of tyres, so we supply at the most competitive prices.

We will respect your buying choice but always offer advice so that you can make an informed decision the fitting cost is the same for budget or premium.

Incorrect tyres can invalidate your insurance if you are involved in an accident that is deemed the tyres are a contributory factor, this includes having the incorrect speed rating, as the manufacturer has designed and set up the vehicle accordingly. Illegal tyres carry both three points per tyre and a fine.

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