Springs, shocks, bushes…

Various terms are used about when talking about suspension systems. The whole suspension system is designed to work in harmony and for this reason must be kept in optimum condition.

Springs can snap, dampers (shock absorbers) can leak, bushes can split. All these components are checked annually within the scope of the MoT test, however if your car feels like it is not handling properly, if it wanders, tyres wearing unevenly, or that annoying knocking noise over every bump, it pays to get it all checked over rather than waiting for the next MoT test.

Worn dampers can greatly increase stopping distances, which in turn decreases safety. Whenever any suspension component is changed, it must be done across the axle, i.e. both sides of the vehicle must have the same work carried out to ensure consistent and safe handling.

And finally, once all the work is done, the car needs to be checked and adjusted as necessary with four wheel alignment to ensure everything is pointing in the right direction!

Whether it is a ball joint or a full suspension overhaul, we can cover it. Our diagnostics will enable us to check most cars equipped with air suspension. And if you check our alignment page you will see that we can check your vehicle for free, we only charge for any adjustments required.

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