Full Four Wheel Alignment

Full Four Wheel Alignment

Four wheel alignment checks the TOE and the CAMBER

You may be more familiar with the term ‘tracking’ this is not as comprehensive as full four wheel alignment and only checks the TOE on the front wheels.

Four wheel alignment checks the TOE and the CAMBER, both front and rear. Our equipment is manufactured by Ravaglioli, a well known and trusted brand who are suppliers of equipment to most major vehicle manufactures.

Our equipment meets or exceeds the manufacturers specifications, in addition we have all of the vehicle information to know how to correctly set up YOUR car, as per the vehicle manufacturer guidelines. The system saves all the recorded data so that any future visits and checks can be compared and you can see the changes required and understand the benefits. Having only the tracking/toe checked will not ensure the car is set up correctly as the manufacturer intended.

You only pay per alteration required, WE CARRY OUT THE ALIGNMENT CHECK FREE OF CHARGE.

If you ever have any suspension components replaced the wheel alignment should be checked. In addition to this reason other factors may mean you require wheel alignment, hitting a pothole or kerb, the car pulling when you should be travelling straight, or your steering wheel is off centre.

The TOE checks the direction that the wheels are actually pointing in relation to the car, if it isn’t straight ahead it will create dragging against the tyre rather than smooth forwards motion.

The CAMBER is the upright angle of the wheel and tyre and if it is centred, positive or negative, towards or away from the vehicle.

The benefits to having your wheels fully aligned front and rear are:

  • Even wear across the tyre – so you don’t have to replace good tyres for only one edge being worn
  • Tyres last longer
  • Tyres can actually do their job more efficiently as more rubber is in contact with the road surface
  • Reduced road noise as the rotation is unencumbered
  • Improved fuel efficiency as the car is not forcing the wheel and tyre in an unnatural direction

If you would like any further information and advice in relation to four wheel alignment then please get in touch and we would be delighted to assist you.

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