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Car Air Conditioning

We can recharge and refresh your car air conditioning system at a fantastic cost, locally to you.

Historically running air conditioning was considered more expensive than opening the windows!

This is a fallacy. Modern air conditioning systems are incredibly efficient and do much more than reduce the cabin air temperature in the summer months!

In the winter months running the air conditioning is the most effective way to clear the windows and keep the interior at an ambient temperature.

An air conditioning service does so much more than just topping up the ‘gas’ (refrigerant). In addition an antibacterial agent is used to clean the system so that the air that is vented into the vehicle is free of harmful bacteria and odours.

This is particularly important is you suffer from allergies. The final element of the service is to run PAG oil through the system, this lubricates the compressor (pump), keeps the seals flexible and everything running smoothly. If the seals become brittle you can then develop leaks in the system. It also helps to prevent an air conditioning pump failing which is in turn far more costly to replace.

If you choose or prefer not to use your air conditioning frequently (it is a bit like Marmite – you either love it or hate it!) you should at least, as a minimum switch it on for half an hour, once a month. This is to lubricate the system and help to keep it operational.

We have a state of the art fully automated machine with a comprehensive database allowing us to quickly check and diagnose any air conditioning issues that may arise, or just for a routine service. Most cars require a regas every two years regardless of mileage, this can be done while you wait or while your vehicle is booked in for an engine service or repair.

We now offer both old and new gas (R134a & R1234y).

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